My Account is LOCKED!

For your security, SmartBen monitors the incorrect number of attempts that are made with a username consistently without success. The maximum numbers of unsuccessful attempts is 5. Once 5 unsuccessful attempts are made the account will be locked for your protection. If you get a message after a login attempt of Sorry...Your employee account has been locked. Please contact your HR Administrator. Your account has been locked. If you get this message please contact you HR department to reset/unlock your account. For security verification reasons, SmartBen is not authorized to give passwords or unlock employee accounts. Your HR department will have access to your account and can provide you with assistance with this process.

Note: The message may also appear if HR has locked all accounts for site maintenance, and may not be reflective of too many unsuccessful password attempts.

Terminated Employees: Employees with termination dates will automatically be locked out of the system with the following system message: Sorry...Your employee status has been set to terminated.

Forgotten Password

SmartBen provides a password recovery tool for those employees who have a valid OFFICE email in the SmartBen system. Not all companies populate this field upon company creation so this feature may not be active for your account. If it is active, SmartBen will email your password to your valid office email account once you supply your username. If you use this password recovery SmartBen recommends that you change your password once you enter the system since this secure information has been transmitted via email. If you do not receive an email with your password information you may not have a valid office email in SmartBen and you should contact your HR administrator for assistance.

Note: Not all companies have office email, nor do all companies allow employee management of passwords.